Saturday, June 29, 2013


Your birthday drifted by
While my thoughts,
Occupied by you, forever you,
Wondered and wandered over
What you might be doing
(or Who)

I remember days when
Promises seemed to be forever
When love was living on purely being
Itself, and nothing more
Or less
But now it’s less, forever less.

And I am caught in a forever without you,
I too am foreverless-
 A pun of my own creation,
            S t a r i n g
At my phone, waiting.
That I might evoke pity, love,
Even anger-
That I might evoke need in you
To reach out and ask
If I still live-

So that, my love,
I can tell you: barely.
And not enough,
That facades are tiresome,
And I am keeping them,