Friday, April 25, 2014

I am so exhausted of thinking. You never understand exactly how much obsession can gnaw away at you until you get caught without an exit strategy. It feels like drowning, like my thoughts will simultaneously cause me to implodeexplode.
I'm tired, and you are selfish. Even in my head. I wish I could exorcise myself.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"love like ours is never fixed"

i crumble and
shatter and fall
to pieces as

move away and
move on
and ask me
(quite nicely)
if i am okay

your manners
and i fall
again and
hope against hope
against hope

but never am
i right, nor
do you ever stay
beyond formalities,
beyond placating
your  conscience

while i
cling on to
shreds of what
you will give
(or take from)


i crumble and
shatter and fall
to pieces

you were always charming
i was always foolish

Monday, April 14, 2014


We run from love,
as the vines of fear
and reluctance thrive in
and creep up
our hearts and
cripple and maim love,
coils of hesitance choking

because love is cruel and
hearts difficult to mend.
Better then, so much easier
to not love altogether than
go through  excruciating agony
on account of unloving.

Of undoing what was,
forgetting maybes
and dousing flames in hearts that
burn and break
with freezing reality
checks that leave

They tell us that love
is all conquering,
forgetting the
pillage and pain that
love (or lack thereof)
renders on the soul.
that conquest is never
calm, nor is it ever peaceful.

When victory is proclaimed

there are casualties aplenty.