Tuesday, May 27, 2014

poem # 843402263107

This is the one
where i say i love you
for the millionth time
when inside me
there is no more
left to be broken,
when i am tired,
so tired

It makes me wonder
whether i would have
been worse off
had we held hands
more often,
had i been able to
curl up against you
as much as i wanted,
instead of cursing at
the continents and oceans
between us and
thinking up novel ways
to prove that
We were and that
i did not imagine you and
Us,especially now that
you are quite decisively
 just you
and i am making the
aching, heartbreaking
journey towards

Friday, May 2, 2014

If wishes were horses
then I would recede
into nothingness,
a hole in oblivion
into empty-

turn myself outside in,
and forget
and let go.
Alt Ctrl Del,
reboot and rewire,
rewrite you out of my
heart and do away
with whatever it
is that we have 
been and become
and will be.

reclamation is 
a lie we try to believe,
because you cannot
reclaim love, nor
a heart in it. 

I feel her breathe
on you and i
taste kisses that 
are yours or hers or mine-
i can no longer tell,
and i wonder if
you thought of me.

If wishes were horses,
i would be but a speckle 
incapable of 
love and
of this.